Different Film Genres

If you are watching or rating a film, it is important that you know what type are they or what genre they belong to. Genres help to classify which films are appropriate for the viewers. Genres also help in establishing the expectation and mood of the viewers while watching the film. So before you put your sofa in your garage sitting behind a new garage door in Tucson and watch a film, be sure to identify its genre first. Below are some of the most popular movie sub genres you can encounter:


Action Movie Sub Genres

When we say an “action” movie, people tend to think of movies that involve guns and goons, fighting scenes and killings. But according to different film makers, action movies are actually a broad umbrella of genres of movies available for viewing. Below are some of its sub genres

-Epic Movies: An epic is a movie which features a protagonist who is doing the extra mile to triumph his journey in the movie. Most of the time, the protagonist in this movie is usually tough and buff.

-Spy Movies: Spy movies are actually fun to watch. It features an undercover professional who finds himself in the middle of a very serious and important mission, most of the time a secret one.

-Disaster Movies: This is often a battle between the human kind and the sci-fi force or natural calamities. Sometimes the film centers the story in the battle between these natural or artificial disasters.

-Superhero Movies: This involves a being with unrealistic capabilities and forces. His supernatural ability would help him save the world as part of his mission.


Crime Movies Sub Genres

These types of movies involve particular crimes as the main focus:

-Detective Movies: This is an interactive type of movie as it encourages the audience to also investigate and identify the perpetrator of a crime committed. It is often a movie with a complex plot with numerous twists and turns.

-Gangster Movies: This is a movie tackling the power of a group of people who commits crime and who despises the law.

-Legal Thrillers: This is generally a movie involving how a crime is put on a trial inside a courtroom. Sometimes, the movie involves one or two plots going at the same time.



Fantasy Movie Genres

This is one of the most expanded genres in the movie industry. Fantasy movies often have a particular element that connects its plot to the real world. This makes the whole scenario an interactive plot for everyone to watch.

-Contemporary Fantasy Movie: This type of movie is set in the real world or a slightly-altered world where a fantastical unifying element such as magic or other dimensions is present.

-Dark Fantasy Movies: This is a merge of the horror/thriller film which contains dark and disturbing imagery.

-Heroic Fantasy Movies: This movie involves a heroic character who would save the people from danger.

-Sword and Sorcery Movies: This is like the heroic fantasy but with the use of sword and sorcery.