What type of service does your website provide?

We are an online platform that serves movie enthusiasts who will come across our website. We aim to provide them with the opportunity to review and discuss movies and films made by the world’s greatest film makers. Our database is filled with thousands of movies that they can review. We encourage our readers to appreciate and carefully criticize our works for suggestions and improvements.


What is the significance of creating an account on your website? Why should I log in?

Having an account on our website will enable you to access different features on our online platform including the passes for our premium movies and films. If you are a member of this website, you would also be able to receive newsletter and updates from our editorial team. These newsletters and updates would let you know of the movies and films that you can watch for the week. We encourage our visitors to acquire membership from our website as it is free of any financial charge.


Why do I need to rate the movies that I watch?

We require you to rate the movies that you watch so that other film enthusiasts would have the knowledge and ideas of how good that particular movie is. They would be able to assess their expectations for that particular film once they see your rating as preliminary basis on how good the film is.


Why are there ads on your website?

Our website is powered by advertisements coming from our sponsors. These ads enable us to run our online platform. Our sponsors are also the ones who manage to put films on our database. They sponsor the films that you see.


Can I request for something I want to see on your website?

If you want to request a special movie to be featured on our website, you may submit a letter to requestsform@davidaltobelli.com.